Dreams of My Grandfather 


Funded by Lottery Heritage Fund ‘Dreams from my Grandfather’ is an oral heritage project that seeks to create better family relationships between males. The project will engage father and son volunteers who will set out to discover, explore and record the hopes and aspirations that the grandfather of the family, and his generation, brought with them when they came to England. They will work together to retrace and record the story of the journey to England and the initial impact of settling in a new country.
(Please see attached booklet and DVD which captures some of the stories)
  • Training and support for father and son volunteers.
  • Training on sourcing, collecting and archiving historical materials.
  • Training on how to conduct interviews and recording of oral history.
  • Training on how to use social media.
  • Heritage related workshops and seminars and community events.


Greets Green Resource Centre,
Harwood Street
West Bromwich
B70 9JF

Lead Officers

 Dr. Brian Dakin – Mohammed Rohim.

Please click here to download Dreams of my Grandfather booklet